A Blast from the past… Project 365/312

14  September 2013: On Route between Upington and Calvinia.

Some information about Calvinia I got from the Calvinia Hotel’s website.

When entering the Calvinia Hotel, visitors are still welcomed with true warm country hospitality.

The Hotel offers 25 rooms all with en-suite showers & bathrooms, a Splash Pool to cool off in the summer heat, Conference facilities for up to 80 pax, a Beer Garden, Secure parking and Restaurant & Bar which is currently independently owned and operated.

Formed in 1851 on the Oorlogskloof River and named after religious reformer Johan Calvin, Calvinia lies at the foot of the dolerite-topped Hantam Moutains. “Hantam” being a Khoi word meaning “ where the red bulbs grow”. It is the region’s key growth point and one of the country’s largest wool-producing areas.

The Calvinia Hotel was formally known as the Hantam Hotel and in the olden days The Royal Hotel. On Wednesday 28th April 1926 a banquet was held in the Royal Hotel in honour of the visit of the Earl of Athlone and HRH Princess Alice to the town. The menu and dance programme of this occasion are displayed in the reception area of the Hotel. During 1994, part of the Hotel was destroyed by fire, but rebuild in 1995.

Some of the photo’s I took of Calvinia  Hotel’s  Dining room on our trip.

Project 365 312a Project 365 312b Project 365 312c Project 365 312d Project 365 312e




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