Sonskynfees 2015: Viljoen Retief

At the end of 2006 Viljoen Retief made a huge decision on his way to work. He was listening to a Bob Dylan song on the radio when it came to him. He wanted to be a full time singer and songwriter. He phoned his dad Ds Johan Retief and told him about his decision. His Father said he was waiting for this phone call for a while. According to him Viljoen Retief has a talent and his passion is his music and songwriting.

On 16 March 2007 he had his first CD launch and has been going strong ever since he decided to live his dream. He writes his own songs and also writes for fellow artists. He writes about people, places and day to day stuff.  I love his music and had the pleasure to capture him on more than one festival.

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.


SF_4720 SF_4721 SF_4723 SF_4724 SF_4725 SF_4726 SF_4732 SF_4735 SF_4760 SF_4761 SF_4764 SF_4766 SF_4769 SF_4770 SF_4792 SF_4795 SF_4742 SF_4747 SF_4751 SF_4754 SF_4756 SF_4758 SF_4740