Sonskynfees 2015: Pieter Mohr

Well what can I say about Pieter Mohr? Pieter was born in Kimberley and grew up in Bellville. He recorded his first album in 2012 3 of his songs got nr 1 status. His original song “Can’t find the words to say” won 2 x IFM Melodie Awards voted by radio listeners & enjoys radio airplay internationally as well. He also shared the stage with Ray Dylan, Fredi Nest, Manie Jackson, Billy Forrest, Bobby Angel, Lance James and Dozi.

I photographed him for the first time on stage in 2014 at the Sonskynfees. With his cowboy hat and guitar he really brings his audience to their feet with his collection of country songs. One just can’t help to sing along. His favourite country singer is Alan Jackson and he also performs a few of his songs.

Here are some of my photo’s taken at this years Sonskynfees.

SF_4417 SF_4467 SF_4466 SF_4462 SF_4461 SF_4455 SF_4448 SF_4447 SF_4443 SF_4441 SF_4440 SF_4439 SF_4437 SF_4435 SF_4429 SF_4428 SF_4426 SF_4424 SF_4423 SF_4421 SF_4419

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