Sonskynfees 2015: Andriëtte Norman

Andriëtte Norman is one of our local Afrikaans Female artists. She lived and grew up in Brackenfell. In 2007 she got second place in our Idols competition I still say she had to be the winner. I just love her voice.

I first met her in 2008 when she performed at the Varingfees in Brackenfell her hometown. Back then I only had my Kodak camera nothing fancy but my husband arranged that I may take photo’s backstage. After all these years she is just as humble as the first time I met her.

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.

SF_4940 SF_5058 SF_5052 SF_5049 SF_5044 SF_5043 SF_5039 SF_5037 SF_5034 SF_5021 SF_5031SF_5014 SF_5011 SF_5009 SF_5007 SF_5003 SF_4995 SF_4993 SF_4992 SF_4988 SF_4985 SF_4984 SF_4982 SF_4975 SF_4971 SF_4970 SF_4966 SF_4963 SF_4960 SF_4957 SF_4955 SF_4954 SF_4953 SF_4952 SF_4951 SF_4949 SF_4946 SF_4945 SF_4942