Aspidistra Nursery for sale…

My favourite nursery is for sale…. Aspidistra is the brainchild of Willie Schmidt a well known presenter of Pasella and Espresso. Whenever I need inspiration I always go to Aspidistra. I am always blown away by the ideas and all the different uses of old utensils, tins, pots, pans well anything really. Willie will find some useful meaning for it in the garden or home.

Scott McNaughton of Harcourts contacted me and informed me that Aspidistra is for sale. Please find a video and the information pamphlet Scott send me. It’s a honor to have the privilege to help spread the news of Aspidistra’s sale.  If you are creative love nature and are looking for a home and business in one here is your chance. Please phone Scott if you are interested. Please also tell him that you got the information from my blog….

Here is a link to a video that Willies property broker send me that he made of the premises for sale.

Aspidistra for sale



Willie Schmidt

Here are some of my photo’s I took on my first visit to Aspidistra Nursery.Aspidistra_7956pj348Aspidistra_7987 Aspidistra_7986 Aspidistra_7981 Aspidistra_7983 Aspidistra_7974 Aspidistra_7975 Aspidistra_7971 Aspidistra_7961 Aspidistra_7965 Aspidistra_7968 Aspidistra_7970 Aspidistra_7943 Aspidistra_7938 Aspidistra_7936 Aspidistra_7934 Aspidistra_7933 Aspidistra_7928