79th Birthday at Aspidistra Nursery

On 1 December 2014 my aunt turned 79 and I took her and my mom to Aspidistra for some cake and tea.

She has Alzheimers and for the first time we saw with our own eyes how bad it has become.  She can’t remember things that happened a few hours back. It’s heartbreaking to think that she was once a very vibrant and funny lady. She danced on tables, told stories and always made one laugh with her remarks.

She was a bit depressed when she woke up and did not want to go. You see they were busy moving into a smaller flat and she just could not deal with it. So what better place to visit than Aspidistra Nursery.   I told her to get dressed I am taking her out for her birthday.

She was quiet the whole way to Aspidistra I asked her a few times if she’s okay she just said yes I am looking at the all the houses in my time it was farms… When we got to Aspidistra and she saw all the plants and ornaments she was like a child in a candy store did not know where to look next. We showed her to the little coffee shop and she smiled the whole time and that made me very happy. I told the lady that it’s my Aunts birthday and when our tea came she had some flowers on her tray. We had the most delicious Milk Tart  and  Carrot cake Muffins.

After tea and Muffins we took a walk through part of the nursery and when she said she was tired we headed home…

For me that morning will always be special. Even though she don’t remember a thing of it I at least have photo’s of her at my favorite nursery….Aspidistra_8194 Aspidistra_8198 Aspidistra_8201 Aspidistra_8203 Aspidistra_8204 Aspidistra_8205 Aspidistra_8206 Aspidistra_8208 Aspidistra_8209 Aspidistra_8211 Aspidistra_8214 Aspidistra_8216 Aspidistra_8220 Aspidistra_8226 Aspidistra_8231 Aspidistra_8237


Aspidistra is for sale. Here is a link to a video made by Scott McNaughton of Harcourts. If you are the lucky prospective owner of Aspidistra please just mention that you saw his advert here on my blog.