A Blast from the past… Project 365/231

13  September 2013: On Route between Upington and Kakamas

After a very busy day on the 12th we decided to visit sights between Upington and Kakamas that we could not stop at on the 11th when we visited Augrabies Falls. We made a list of all the landmarks that we want to photograph and we tried to squeeze in as much as we can. We missed a few but we will be visiting the area again then I’ll make a point to go and photograph them.

These plants that looks like Aloes cought my eye. They are not higher than 20cm from the ground and were spread over a whole field. Some had flowers others nothing. I am trying to find out what species this plant is. As soon as I know I will come and add the proper names to the photo’s.


Project 365 231c
Aloe claviflora
Project 365 231a
Aloe claviflora
Project 365 231b
Aloe claviflora
Project 365 231d
Field of Aloe claviflora


I would like to thank John Manning for helping me identify these lovely Aloe claviflora

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