A Blast from the past… Project 365/149

11  September 2013:

Visiting The Augrabies Falls National Park. Walking on the walkway to the different view points.

Some History on the Augrabies Falls National Park. I got this from the parks website.

The name Augrabies was given to the Water Fale by a Swede, Hendrik Jakob Wikar, when he passed there in 1799.

The name is derived from the Nama word as the Khoi people would refer to “Aukoerebis” meaning the “Place of Great Noise.” This refers to the Orange River water thundering it’s way down the 56m spectacular main Water Fall.


Project 365 149a Project 365 149b Project 365 149c

Unfortunately the fall was not that spectacular when we went to visit. I must say I was very disappointed and as we drove in the park visiting the different view points I was hoping that the big one is still to come….  Project 365 149d





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