A Blast from the past… Project 365/54

9  September 2013: On Route to Namaqua National park

Just look at the Beautiful flowers on the way to the Namaqua National Park. Our first Sanpark that we visited on our holiday. My dad got hooked on taking photo’s of all the flowers. One can see where I got my love for photography.

When I look back at my childhood my father was always photographing my brother and myself. I have albums full of photo’s of us…. WOW to think I just realized it a few seconds ago. I must remember to go and thank my father… My love for flowers I got from my Grandmother.  I am truly Blessed indeed…

Project 365 54a  Laperousia Silenoids Meidestert Project 365 54b Gazania krebsiana krebsiana Project 365 54c Dimorphotheca tragus Geelmagriet Project 365 54d




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