A Blast from the past… Project 365/48

9  September 2013: On Route to Kamieskroon

On route to Kamieskroon we came across this odd looking building.  We thought it was a conference center but when I looked it up it was much more. It’s a holiday destination. Definitely  another place to put on my bucket list to go and visit. I love visiting places with a rich history…

For Contact and booking  information on Griekwa Ratelgat visit Discover South Africa’s site.

“Come and be part the Griqua national heritage and enjoy beautiful sunsets, interesting walks, diverse nature, while staying in beautiful chalets or traditional Nama huts, with breathtaking scenery. An amazing experience and great fun for the family as well as educational. Groups will be entertained by original dancers per arrangement in the amphitheater or groups can be catered for at the Lapa. The Griqua have their own national history, own tradition, leadership that is more than 300 years old, their own flag and monuments, commemorative days, traditional clothing as well as other national traditions that forms part of their identity. The roots of the Griqua can in fact be traced back to 1740 when the first Paramount Chief of the Griquas, Adam Kok I, ruled. In 1894, A.A.S. le Fleur I took over the Paramouncy from the ruling Kok family in the absence of a heir. Today it is owned by the Griqua Ratelgat Development Trust which consists of 85 Griqua beneficiaries who agreed to make the farm available for development as an echo friendly guest farm for the benefit of the Griqua community of South Africa. We provide cultural and tourism facilities which will enable the Griqua community to become part of the main stream economy. Although the Main building is not yet completed the Chalets and huts are fully functional. Once the main building will be completed it will include traditional food restaurant, curio shop, office and small conference/training center, living museum, nursery, tourism and cultural information center. We presently also offer: Fully equipped self catering units, six four beds and six two beds, constructed with natural materials to blend in with environment and braai facilities. Hiking trail & Rock Art excursions and eco experience. Enjoy cultural experience of traditional dishes, Griqua choirs and dancing groups at “matjieshuis kraal””

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