A Blast from the past… Project 365/6

Hermanus 2012: Whale Festival


project 365-6a

Playing with some sticks. Much more difficult than it looked

project 365-6b

The boys came to me out of breath and asked me if they could each have a dog. My first reaction was no we have 4 at home we do not have space for more. They then told me but they will not be in my way and they won’t even bark or need to be potty trained…. I was still not  convinced that they would look after the dogs.  Then all three nephews began laughing out loud. They got me nice and it was not even April fools day. Just then we got to the SPCA’s stall and there was the dogs the boys wanted. I bought them each a dog and told them for the rest of the holiday they better take good care of them and they must take them for walks and also “feed” them.

project 365-6d
Taking their holiday pets for a walk.
project 365-6c
The boys with the holiday pets