I Wonder….

Two years ago on 1 April 2012 I decided to start a 365 project. The first year I took a photo everyday for the project.  In my second year I edited one of my photo’s and put someones quote on it.

Now for the question what will I do for my third year? I have been thinking and although I love my photo’s with a quote on but  I will not use this for my 365 project though.

I finished a few of my holiday photo’s for 2012 but there are still three big holidays left to edit. Our June/July 2012 holiday in Benoni / Alpine Heath in KwaZulu Natal and then the Flower/ Sanparks tour my parents and I went on in September 2013 then last but not least the December 2013/January 2014 holiday spend with friends in and around Cape Town.

I also have not shared all the photo’s that I took on my holidays with you yet. Some of them you will recognize but this time I will share them without a quote… I will try to share at least 3 photo’s per day this way I can go through and edit the left over photo’s a bit faster. So looking forward to the next 365 days of my project.

If it so happens that for some reason I cannot post for a few days the I will catch up. I always do. With kids and a busy schedule sometimes time just run out during the day…

thank you
De Kelders September/October 2012



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