Sunshine Festival 2014: Artists featuring on Website



On 22 & 23 February 2014 I was one of the official photographers at the sunshine festival in aid of the Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre.

Unfortunately the turnout  of the festival was a bit disappointing. Most of the times the artist sang for only a hand full of people at a time. A big thanks go out to each and every one of them.

I spoke to a few people because I wanted to know why nobody came to support the festival.  They had great entertainment and it was not that expensive at all if you take in consideration that you had live entertainment from 9 o’Clock the morning through to 11 o’Clock that evening. But  the answer was the same. “We just had to pay allot of money on school uniforms and school supplies. Money is tight this time of the year.” Athletics and other sport also had an big impact on the lack of people supporting the festival… Maybe the mentioned factors can be taken in consideration for the next festival…

For more photo’s of the Artists performing at the Sunshine festival please visit my website.

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