ACT Executive PA Breakfast featuring on Website

On 14 March 2014 Advance Conflict Training (ACT) had a networking breakfast for 56 executive PA’s from a few big companies in and around Cape Town. It was a very informative morning and we were made aware that our observation skills needs a bit of work.

Here is just a short description of ACT that I got off their Facebook page.

Advanced Conflict Training workshops are delivered in an entertaining and meaningful way. Our goal is to teach you to take responsibility for your own safety and then empower you to do so.

Our mission is to never stop learning, to ensure that we stay at the top our game with regards to crime, criminals and teaching people from ALL walks of live to live free from violence.

Company Overview

Advanced Conflict Training specializes in the prevention of violence by using talks, team building and workshops to convey a simple yet achievable safety strategy.
All our training is developed and tailored for each audience.

I was very happy to be one of the sponsors and gave some discount vouchers for the goody bags and also a free photo shoot to one of the executive PA’s.


For more photo’s on the breakfast please visit my website at ACT executive PA Breakfast

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