Thank you for your support

I can not believe how time flies and how ones situation and plans change within a few minutes. 

I have a list as long as the highway of posts I still need to post. To start of my 2010 World Cup Tour at least these photo’s are all edited. Then I have our 2012 Family holiday to blog but still busy editing. Wait I am not finished yet my September 2013 Sanpark’s and Flower Holiday also needs to be edited and posted… I think when I have finished with these 3 big holiday’s then I will be very close to my 2000 post mark. 

At this stage I try to keep my recent shoots updated and posted as soon as possible. 

In the near future and I know all my plans will work out I will be so busy capturing everybody and everything that I will have to invest in a good office assistant to help sifting through all my work… For now I am working on a schedule to work through everything and more…

The reason for this post is mainly to say thank you for all my fellow bloggers visiting my blog on a regular basis. I promise I will make some time to visit all your blogs within the next few weeks. Have a time slot for reading blogs now while I am on my exercise bike in the mornings…. 

Once again thank you for your support.

PS: I am also giving my business a little face lift. What do you think of my new Business card?