Zebra’s just being Zebra’s

With one of our photography outings my student and I captured some landscape photo’s and on our way we came across this heard of Zebra’s not far from home….

I love capturing any wildlife and because I live in the city I stop within a heartbeat of spotting wildlife. Nothing gives me more pleasure to capture our Heavenly Fathers gifts to us.

Here are some of the photo’s I took of them.

R304_7014 R304_7016 R304_7021R304_7024 R304_7027 R304_7030R304_7033 R304_7034 R304_7038 R304_7041R304_7043 R304_7050 R304_7052 R304_7061R304_7073 R304_7091 R304_7092 R304_7098 R304_7113