Mrs Cape Town 2013 Photo shoot Featuring on Website

I had the wonderful opportunity to capture the beautiful  Chantal, Mrs Cape Town 2013 a few weeks back.

We had a blast and 2 hours went by in a wink of a eye.  Chantal brought along her hairdresser and in the end she had help hold up the Collar of the stunning Tie Design Dress by Hein Smit. Chantal wanted it up and on that day it just did not want to stay up. It must have been the heat…

 Here are some of the behind the scene photo’s.

Behind the Scenes_3637


Tie Design Dress By: Hein Smit
Tie Design Dress By: Hein Smit

Behind the Scenes_3625

This stunning dress is one of many to come. Chantal is hosting a Fashion Show on 27/28 June 2014.  All the outfits will be made out of old ties and will be auctioned off to raise funds for the children of Cape Town. I will in due course tell you more about this event. I am one of the Photographers of this event.

For more photo’s of this stunning Lady and this Tie design dress please visit Mrs Cape Town 2013: Chantal Witthuhn on my website