Birth Announcement: Conrad Fourie


I am very happy to share this wonderful news with everybody.

Little Conrad has decided that he don’t want to wait till Monday 27 January 2014 to be born. He wanted to see the world and meet all these voices cooing around his mommies tummy. Yesterday evening around 6h00 we got a phone call it look like Loühn is in labor. So hubby and I rushed over to their house well tried to rush anyway…. All the robot’s were red and the people drove so slow. So it seemed anyway.

Got to their house and there Loühn was busy with washing, packing her suitcase and she was so calm. The kids was super exited about this change in events.  Who am I kidding I was super excited about the change in events. Loühn and Ignatius went to the hospital and I had my cellphone in my hand looking at the screen every few minutes to see if there is any news.  Ignatius phoned us and said they are doing a cesarean and Loühn is going in at 21:00.

People that was the longest wait ever, I watched my cellphone like a hawk. Every few seconds and if that red light is blinking I get super excited just to be super disappointed when I see it’s a email…. The waiting and then after 10 I got a photo of little Conrad from Ignatius. Conrad was born at 21:51, birth weight  3.875 kg and is 52 cm long. I was over the moon. The long wait is over……

So I thought anyway but to pass 12 hours is very hard. I could not fall asleep all I was thinking of is meeting little Conrad and to make sure my friend is all right. I was a bit worried about her but everything worked out great. This morning time crawled by it felt like 9:30 was just not getting any closer… At long last it was time to go to the hospital to go visit Loühn and little Conrad…. When I saw my friend glowing and little Conrad on her lap I had to control the tears of joy…. Both Mommy and baby was alright….

Little Conrad had his first mini shoot and he was only 12 hours old….