Butterfly World: Photography Lesson outing

Speckled Pigeon
Purple-crested turaco; Rose-ringed Parakeet; Lilian’s Lovebird
African Olive Pigeon
Bearded Dragon
Taiwanese Rat Snake, Green Tree Iguana, Panther Chameleon,

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For lesson five of Lizette’s photography training I took her to capture some Butterflies. I wanted her to work with depth of field and play with her settings. She also learned that ones equipment needs time to adapt to different climates.

We had a ball and we took allot of photo’s. Butterfly World not only have butterflies but also birds and a variety of other animals. I took some photo’s of the birds, butterflies and other animals.

They also have Marmoset monkeys  and the one decided that he wants to inspect my camera and flash… Lizette took the photo of me and the little Rascal.

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