Angela – Bekkies & Boudjies Christmas Shoot

Posting the last and most difficult shoot of all…

Little Angela had a very hard time with the shoot. They brought her the morning and she started screaming, they took her away let her sleep and later they brought her back again same story she cried. If I even move or look in her direction she started crying. The teachers at the Daycare tried everything to calm her down but nothing worked and we were running out of time… I have been shooting since 9 O’clock the morning and it was after 3 O’clock and I was very tired. But I did  not give up, I took some photo’s of her while she was sitting there. I did not say boo or baa because I did not want her to cry. Her teacher moved her from the chair to the ground and she put on the hat and shoes….

I tried my best to get rid of the red eyes and red blotches on her little face…. I know when I get her in a better mood she will make the most stunning photo’s. She is such a beautiful little girl it broke my heart that I could not win this little one’s trust.

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