Coreen Kuhn Photography getting a make over….

Good day everyone,

I am very happy to inform you that my photography business is getting an make over….. From my home studio to  my business cards. This includes my website, blog,pricing you name it it’s changing…. The only two things not changing is Me of course and my Logo. My logo was designed by my dear friend Jackie During so this will remain the same…

Coreen Kuhn Photography Logo

Now you are going to ask me what brought this on. Well it all started in August when I watched Sue Bryce and Kelly Brown on Creative Live. They presented a workshop on Bumps to Babies. These two ladies really opened my eyes up wide…..  I learned allot and Sue Bryce gave us a 12 point Marketing strategy…. Oh my word I only do 4 of the 12 and I am not even doing these 4 100%. So from now to 23 January 2014  I will be working on these 12 Points. I would like to relaunch my “NEW” business  4 years after I’ve started officially as a Photographer on 24 January 2014.

This is so exciting and I can’t wait to get going… I have already started with my website and am very happy to say it’s linked to Picture Perfect Memories for life. My new website is  and those of you here at Picture Perfect Memories for life will see that the site got a new look and I’ve added and changed some of the pages already. I want my site to be user friendly and one of these days I would like to reveal my genre…

Looking forward to sharing the changes with you all….