Studio getting a face lift: October 2013

After watching a few training DVD’s I decided that it’s time that my studio get a face lift. The only problem was I could not afford a contractor so I did most of the work myself.  I made a checklist that what I wanted done in the studio and then I had to decide what is priority right now.

  • Paint studio Brilliant White
  • Windows on opposite sides of studio need to be closed up/ covered
  • Put in shelving for props
  • Showcase more of my own work
  • Flooring for the shooting area

It was a hard decision but Rome was not build in one day so the rest I’ll get done as soon as I have funds for it. I looked for alternative solutions to solve my problems for now.

Here are what the studio looked like during it’s face lift…. I took these photo’s with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet so please excuse the quality of the photo’s.

20131012_140203 20131012_140216 20131012_140231 20131012_14024220131012_140251 20131012_140312 20131012_140317The photo above is the area were I keep all my props. I want to put in some shelving so that I can see all my props. I also want to put some hanging space for my fabrics so that it’s in sight. When it is in a cupboard you tend to forget about it. Out of sight out of mind….  

20131013_112912 20131013_11294320131013_182436 20131013_182451 20131015_120114 20131019_104515

Above is one of the windows I wanted to close up. I bought some hardboard and asked  hubby if he would please help me to close up the window. I wanted to take out the window and close it up with bricks but that was a messy option and if we want to extend the room to the one next door I would have to brake down the wall. So I went for the next best option. Just close it up with hardboard.
20131019_104534 20131019_171326

Above Hubby is busy with the window covering…. This is how things should be done…. Very casual…..

Thank goodness for friends.  Japie and Tanya came to visit and Japie helped hubby with the wall.20131019_195625 20131019_195630 20131019_222339

I was very happy when the wall was in place. Now for the final touches….

20131024_103029 20131024_103154 20131024_103426


While painting I had an idea. If I cleared out the TV Cabinet I can use it to display my props that’s hidden away. So I cleared out the cabinet and filled it with my props. Now I can see most of my props and can’t forget about it. I moved my camera equipment  out of my office and into the cabinet. Now all my photography equipment is in one place. I am still going to put some shelving up in the corner where the rest of my props are. One can never have too much shelving.
20131024_103255 20131024_103233

I also replaced my puzzles with my work.  As time goes by these photo’s will be update with more of my recent work.


Well I am very happy with my new wall. I had some extra flooring so I made an second floor that I can move around the studio as needed. When I have the funds I will replace this flooring but for now it must do.

I am very happy with the outcome of the studio. Although I could not do everything I wanted in one go I am happy with what I accomplished. I did most of the work myself and my love and passion went into every drop of paint. 

I would like to thank Ronald, Armand, Lian, Louhn , Renate, Japie and Tanya for helping me. Armand and Lian made sure mom has enough to drink when dad was not around to make the tea. Ronald for building the wall and always supporting me 200% in my photography business.  Louhn and Renate always encouraging me. Japie and Tanya for your help with the final touches in the studio.

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