Photography Lesson 7: Birding

Our 7th lesson was on 31 July 2013. Lizette bought herself a new camera and lens so I decided we could do some birding and get her practicing on her new camera. When one upgrade your camera it’s like starting your whole learning process from the beginning. The up side is that at least now you have a basis to work on and it makes the getting your new gear easier.

I also put my Sigma 70-300mm lens on my Canon EOS 7D.  We went to the field around the corner to see if we could spot any birds but that was a lost case. so I took photo’s of some things that caught my eye and of Lizette….


After waiting for more than 45 minutes we went back to my house and took some photo’s of the pigeons in the trees. I did not use my tripod and my close ups did not come out as it suppose to.  Somehow I changed the settings on my camera and my photo’s came out under exposed, normal and then over exposed. It ‘s mind boggling  because I have no idea how on earth it happened. I lost allot of great photo’s due to this.  I also had a record load of blurry photo’s out of the 78 photo’s I took I could only use 21…. This is new to me…. I need to master my Sigma 70-300mm lens before I go on holiday on 9 September.


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