Ruby Tuesday: 26/27 Weeks

Yesterday was National Heritage day here in South Africa and it is also been known for the past few years as National Braai day. We went out for the day and Ruby had to stay outside and play with the other 4 legged brothers and sisters.

Last night I took these photo’s of her. She was either very upset with us for letting her stay outside the whole day or she was dead tired of all the playing…..

Ruby_2396 Ruby_2398 Ruby_2399 Ruby_2403 Ruby_2404 Ruby_2405

4 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: 26/27 Weeks

  1. Poor thing….Sigh and Neo sometimes are a bit like that when left alone…It is more like saying to us “do not try to play now..I am bored…I have been alone the whole day….” But in the same moment we catch a ball they smile and run again like mad!!! 🙂