Lian Turned 12 on 8 August


The Cake:

Originally the cake had two cricket players on it…. I asked my parents to keep the cake at their house because I was afraid the the cat will attack the cake…. Haha how funny my mom’s dog Arnie decided that the cake need to be redecorated and stole the one cricket player off the cake. I could not help but laugh at the whole scenario…. There was a gap and I wanted it closed. I am not artistic enough and to make another cricket player but I had a brain  wave and took a Fizzer put it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it and then I rolled a piece. Every cricket player needs a towel right?

Lian12_4878Lian12_4879 Lian12_4880 Lian12_4882 Lian12_4883 Lian12_4884 Lian12_4885 Lian12_4886 Lian12_4888 Lian12_4890

Lian also had a sleepover party and here are some of the photo’s taken of Lian and his friends. They played with a BB Gun in the outside passage and it was covered in BB gun pellets and the other boys made p- shooters out of straws and they had a ball…. This mom don’t clean up after 12 year old boys anymore so they had to clean up before I made breakfast…. This was also a game to them and they cleaned like only 12 year old boys clean… After breakfast they decided to do some “gymnastics” and then they disappeared outside to go and play in the trees.

Lian12_4891 Lian12_4892 Lian12_4893 Lian12_4895 Lian12_4898 Lian12_4900 Lian12_4901 Lian12_4904 Lian12_4906 Lian12_4910 Lian12_4914 Lian12_4916 Lian12_4917 Lian12_4918 Lian12_4919 Lian12_4920 Lian12_4966 Lian12_4968 Lian12_4970 Lian12_4972 Lian12_4974 Lian12_4975 Lian12_4976 Lian12_4978 Lian12_4979 Lian12_4980 Lian12_4982


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