Trying out a new combination….













Usually I have my 50mm Lens on my Canon 500D but Sunday I decided to try my 50mm on my Canon 7D. WOW I thought I got great shot’s before with my Canon 500D but I must honestly say from now on I’ll switch lenses more often…

In the past I took my photo’s in Aperture Priority mode but the past two months I switch between Aperture Priority and Manual mode.  I am getting much better in Manual mode and as soon as I am confident enough I’ll shoot mainly in Manual.

Ronald was playing fetch with Ruby. I saw the opportunity to try some action photo’s in manual mode and I am happy to say I am very happy with my results. 🙂

This week you will get a double dose of Ruby… Keep a lookout for Ruby Tuesday tomorrow. 🙂


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    1. The main reason I started shooting in Manual is because I was having a hard time with my action photo’s in Aperture Priority. I had to up my ISO so much that and still the photo’s was blurry, I then switched off my Image stabilizer but this only worked a little. Then I read in a photography magazine about manual mode. So now I am training myself to use it and I am very happy so far.

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