Cape Wagtail feeding in our garden

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While taking some photo’s of the Southern Masked Weaver building it’s nest my attention was drawn to the Cape Wagtail on the ground were the pool was.

One moment it’s just walking around then suddenly it just stick it’s beak in the ground and out comes an earthworm…. How did he know it was there?

The birding community of our garden is really coming along nicely, I have spotted Speckled Pigeons, Lemon Doves,Laughing Doves, Cape Turtle Doves,Cape Wagtail, Southern Masked Weaver, Cape Sparrow, House Sparrow and Cape White – eye.

I think I must spend more time in my front garden in the mornings. An hour a day over a few weeks would make a huge difference what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Cape Wagtail feeding in our garden

    1. Die kwikkies jaag my arme worshondjie op en af in die tuin of is dit nou anders om. Hulle kom sit op die grond roep haar en dan sodra sy uit hok kom dan vlieg hulle van die een kant na die ander kant. Arme Tammy hardloop haar moeg. As dit by eet tyd kom dan waag hulle dit tot by haar… Ek moet tog in die somer probeer om dit op kamera vas te lê.