Surprise birthday party for Lian’s teacher Mrs Geldenhuys

What a lucky lady Mrs Geldenhuys are. The kids in her class decided to give her a surprise party. They cleared it with the headmaster of the school and send out emails to all the parents to inform us of the party. They asked me if I would come and take some photo’s at the party.  At first I could not make it for I had to meet another client the same time as the surprise party were held. As usual everything works out for the best and they had to move the party to later in the day.

We did have a plan B in place. Lian my youngest son who also want’s to become a photographer would then take the photo’s at the party. He was very sad when I told him that the party is being moved and I will be there to take the photo’s. He then asked me if he could use the back up camera and take a few photo’s. My answer of course was yes. I do believe to encourage my children to pursue their dreams and the more he practice the better he will get. Lian really had his job cut out for him the reason I say this is my Canon EOS 500D’s shutter button is not working 100% and needs to be fixed. At this stage I only use it to capture still objects because it does not always focus when you press it halfway. I mostly use it with my 50mm lens and in Manual mode.

Here are some of the photo’s taken at the Surprise party and I also included some of Lian’s photo’s.



One of the boys in Lian’s class baked and decorated his teachers cake. WOW I hope he want’s to become a baker or a chef because the cake was divine.2 3 4

Lian asked me if we could give his teacher a gift voucher for a photo shoot so I said okay we could put it in as an little extra surprise. When Lian saw how happy his teacher was with her present and voucher he came to me and asked me if I saw how happy she was. Priceless…

I must say Lian and Armand my two boys are always telling everyone to phone me for a photo shoot because their mom is the best photographer in the world…5The following photo’s was taken by Lian. It was his “job” to capture the kids while I concentrate on Mrs Geldenhuys.

6 7 8 9


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