Sibling shoot of Marianna & Welmien

I had the privilege to capture these two sisters a few weeks ago.

We had quite a few laughs and Welmien is another character. She had me in stitches…

Here is a few of their photo’s.

M&W_1134 M&W_2570 M&W_2573 M&W_2580 M&W_2582 M&W_2600 M&W_2601 M&W_2603 M&W_2604 M&W_2607 M&W_2611 M&W_2612 M&W_2618

M&W_1126 M&W_2563 M&W_2586 M&W_2588 M&W_2593 M&W_2595 M&W_2619 M&W_2620 M&W_2626 M&W_2628

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