Our Family 2010 World Cup Tour finally edited

I am very happy to share the following news with you!!!


It took me a good three years to finish talking about taking once time… I took the photo’s on our tour with my Canon EOS 500D with my Canon EFs 18-200mm IS lens.

Now I want to share these long waited photo’s and stories with you so for the next few weeks I’ll write a blog here and there and post some photo’s from our journey. I would really  like to give you a little bit of background of the towns we passed through and also the places we visited on our tour. This will keep me busy quite a while we visited allot of places and had a very busy month. We left home on 9 June 2010 and returned home 10 July 2010.

The boys are still talking about this holiday so at least I know they did enjoyed it.

World Cup Tour_0779
At the back: My mother Dot and my father Ivan
In the front: My youngest Lian(with blue beanie) Myself Coreen and my oldest Armand

World Cup Tour_0765
The road leading to different places….
WorldCup Tour_0009
The transport and 4×4 when needed…

In March 2012 I did write a post regarding our tour but that was were it ended. I got so busy with work and the holiday editing was pushed to the background…. Read more here