Busted simcard number 5

It all started a few months back. The one moment I would have internet the next moment nothing. I then restart my router and then for a few minutes I’ll have internet then the next moment it will say insert simcard or no simcard inserted. Then simcard busted…

Since last year I had to do 5 sim swops and everytime it costs money. The first sim swop was in September 2012, the second one in November 2012, the third one in February 2013, the fourth in May 2013 and yesterday I went for number 5.

I won’t be naming my service provider in this post, but believe me if this happens again I will not hesitate to do so.

Last year with the first sim swop I went to directly to my service provider with the problem. I was then told that because I took out the contract at a franchise I must sort it out with them. So from then on I went directly to the franchise. The first time we thought it was just a faulty simcard but after card number 3 it was not funny anymore. Everytime that I need my internet real urgent the simcard won’t work.

Yesterday I was in pain and I was mega frustrated because of the lack of internet. I told the man at the franchise that this is not exceptable and I am not paying for another simcard and I also wanted to know why my statements are still being posted I asked them in November 2012, February 2013 and in May 2013 to please send it via email. His answer to me was he cannot change it to an electronic statement. He also told me that I have to pay for the simswop. I nearly lost my cool but I took a deep breath and then I told him in a very polite voice I will not pay that simcard is only one month old. He then told me that I must take it ip with my service provider he cannot help me.

When I got to my service provider the man who helped me was in total shock when I told him about my dilemma with the simcards and the statements. He asked me where did I take out my contract and that the franchise is suppose to sort out the problem.Then I told him that the franchise who wrote the contract send me to them and that they said they can’t help me, his jaw dropped and he just shook his head and said they are fast to write the contract but aftersales service is non existent.

The friendly assistent then went to the back and when he came out he showed me to a cubicle and asked me a few questions then he did the simswop for free and told me if it happens again I must come straight to him. He also arranged that I get my statements electronically from now on.

For the last few weeks I have had allot of problems with my internet connection and it takes me twice as long to do a post. I am posting this one from my tablet. I do hope my internet problems are solved now. I was totally lost with my lack of internet connection, I could not post any photo’s, I could not read my fellow bloggers blogs and this was very bad. Normally at night I climb into bed with my tablet and read blogposts and like or leave comments.

One thought on “Busted simcard number 5

  1. Ah, internet frustrations! I have them daily when I am home on the river, which is about 5 k from town and the signal. During the daytime there is a strong pull on the ‘banda ancha/wide band’ use, so when people start going to sleep, the signal gets stronger and stronger. I worked til three this morning, when i could upload about a dozen images in less than a minute, where in the daytime – ha – it would try but kick them back over and over. Sending an email is difficult.

    Anyway, you definitely have my sympathy.
    I love your site, your lovely photos paired with positive and uplifting images. You’re surely a soul sister!


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