Kwikstertjie and the Moth/butterfly

I am busy working through my different holiday photo’s and came across these few photo’s of a Kwikstertjie and a moth or butterfly, not quite sure what it is, but I think it’s a moth. Anyway my parents, the boys, their nephew and I went to Sandbaai for the September/October 2012 school holiday. My Father got the flu and my mom was also not feeling well so most of the times the 3 boys and I went for outings.

The boys and I went to Hermanus on the 30th of September 2012 to go and see if we could spot some whale’s. The Whale festival is always a huge thing in Hermanus and thousands of people come to this little coastal village to spot whales and our photographers of course can’t wait to capture that WOW shot of a breaching whale. This particular morning something totally different from a whale caught my eye.  I spotted this Kwikstertjie with a Moth.  First the Kwikstertjie just hopped around it’s pray and then it took it in it’s beak and moved around on the rock with it. I waited to capture it while eating it but did not have that luck.I took quite allot of photo’s of this but only going to share a few.  After nearly half an hour of capturing the little Kwikstertjie and the Moth a young boy came running towards it and scared it and it flew away and I was not very happy. Why can’t the children’s parent’s teach their children not to scare animals and birds…








10 thoughts on “Kwikstertjie and the Moth/butterfly

  1. Great photo`s. I spend quite a bit of time photographing the antics of the many types of birds in my garden.It looks like a moth that your bird has in it`s beak. I took one a while ago where a Butcher Bird was having a large Rain Spider for breakfast. Another unusual one was a Prey Mantis eating a Gecko while it was still alive. Photographing wildlife has it`s unusual moments. 🙂

    1. I love capturing wildlife, but being a stay at home mom and my own photography business is making it difficult at this moment. In winter it will be better then the shoots get a bit less…

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