New Printer, New Designs….

The past view weeks I’ve been having problems with my printer and it’s been very frustrating. I print my own CD’s and DVD’s and the past few times I had to throw away quite a lot of DVD’s . The printer just stop printing in the middle of the DVD and then keep telling me that the printer cover is closed.

I started looking around for another printer that can print direct to CD/DVD. I spoke to one of the store owners and he had a look Canon is the only manufacturer that has a printers with the function I want.Not one store had any in stock so I thought okay it’s not meant to be.   Today however I went to the shops to go and look for boxes to put my client’s photo’s in because there are to many photo’s for the envelopes I have. Guess what I came across in the shop a Canon printer that can do Direct disc printing. I was so happy and when I saw the price I was even happier. Now I am the owner of a brand new Canon Pixma iP7240.


I had to print two DVD’s for clients tonight and it took me more than 4 hours to figure out first of all where to go to print direct to disk and then how to get the photo on the disk. I started playing around and found some cool designs. Then when I wanted to print it kept giving me an error. I tried to print like I did with my old printer and it kept telling me to close the cover… I was confused. Then I went to trouble shooting and there it told me that the program will prompt me to open the cover….

I love the new designs for my DVD’s and I just know I’ll enjoy being more creative.



Note to self. To save time go straight to the online manual before trying to operate new equipment….

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