Celeste’s Mini Shoot

On Thursday 4 April 2013 I had the privilege to capture this lovely Red head.  When I asked her if she knows how to pose  she said and I quote… “I have no idea how to pose.”

She was very nervous  but as soon as the camera was aimed in her direction she seemed at home. Just as if she  belongs there.  Oh and it turned out she do know how to pose just needed some minor adjustments here and there.

Enjoy her photo’s….

Celeste_9005 Celeste_9006 Celeste_9007 Celeste_9008 Celeste_9009 Celeste_9011 Celeste_9012 Celeste_9013 Celeste_9014 Celeste_9015 Celeste_9016 Celeste_9017 Celeste_9018 Celeste_9019 Celeste_9020 Celeste_9021 Celeste_9024 Celeste_9026 Celeste_9028 Celeste_9029 Celeste_9030 Celeste_9031 Celeste_9032 Celeste_9033