Bird life at Sonstraal dam

Picknick_1483 Picknick_1486 Picknick_1487

Blacksmith Lapwing

Blacksmith Lapwing_1277 Blacksmith lapwing_1286 Blacksmith Lapwing_1287 Blacksmith Lapwing_1289 Blacksmith Lapwing_1290 Blacksmith Lapwing_1330 Blacksmith Lapwing_1345 Blacksmith Lapwing_1346 Blacksmith Lapwing_1347

Common MoorhenCommon Moorhen _1331 Common Moorhen _1334 Common Moorhen _1335 Common Moorhen_1336 Common Moorhen_1337 Common Moorhen_1339 Common Moorhen_1340 Common Moorhen_1400 Common Moorhen_1401 Common Moorhen_1402 Common Moorhen_1403

Reed Cormorant

Cormorant_1326 Cormorant_1343 Cormorant_1351 Cormorant_1352 Cormorant_1360 Cormorant_1361 Cormorant_1362 Cormorant_1363

Different color Ducks and their ducklings.

Duck_1272 Duck_1273 Duck_1280 Duck_1281 Duck_1282 Duck_1283 Duck_1284 Duck_1285 Duck_1315 Duck_1316 Duck_1318 Duck_1320 Duck_1321 Duck_1322 Duck_1323 Duck_1381 Duck_1384 Duck_1385 Ducks_1274 Ducks_1275

Little Egret

Little Egret_1372 Little Egret_1374 Little Egret_1376 Little Egret_1377 Little Egret_1379 Little Egret_1380 Little Egret_1390 Little Egret_1392 Little Egret_1393 Little Egret_1421 Little Egret_1422 Little Egret_1423 Little Egret_1429 Little Egret_1430 Little Egret_1432

Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Goose_1266 Egyptian Goose_1268 Egyptian Goose_1271 Egyptian Goose_1278 Egyptian Goose_1279

Helmeted Guinea fowl

Helmeted Guineafowl _1433 Helmeted Guineafowl _1435



Swallow_1417 Swallow_1416 Swallow_1410 Swallow_1408 Swallow_1411 Swallow_1412 Swallow_1413 Swallow_1415 Swallow_1418

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