Project 365 Photo a day: 365/177 – Sunset on Hopefield Road

Sunset on the Hopefield Road


I took this photo the day my Mercedes decided to break down on me.  Somewhere in the West Coast National Park the fan belt decided it’s going to disappear into thin air. The Mercedes started overheating and luckily for me the engine cut out on the West Coast Road and not in the park. There are not  really reception for cellphones in the park.

I phoned hubby and told him the car broke down.  He phoned around and told me a mechanic is on his way.The mechanics put in a new fan belt and insisted to follow me home. I am so grateful they did. We had to stop every 10km so that new  cold water can be put in the car. While waiting for the mechanics to come back with water at one of the dozens of stops I decided that I might as well use this opportunity to capture this beautiful sunset.

Well it’s been nearly four weeks now and I am still without a car. At least the car waited till we got out of the park to break down. We had a lovely day in the park and the flowers were spectacular. As soon as I  am finished working through all my photo’s I’ll write about the day and post lot’s of photo’s.


4 thoughts on “Project 365 Photo a day: 365/177 – Sunset on Hopefield Road

    1. Thank you Angelia. Yes the mechanic was very shocked when I started taking photo’s. Photography is my stress reliever. Hubby always tell me to take my camera and go take some photo’s. My friends always say that it’s weird for them when my camera is not by my side. We are one haha. Nobody can really understand that my job is my passion and I eat, sleep and live for my photography. 😉