Project 365 Photo a day: 365/174 -Silkworms

Little Silkworms on a Mulberry Leaf

In August 2012 the eggs started hatching and Ronald’s work began. He had to catch out all the new born larva’s and separate them from the eggs. Hundreds hatched per day and the boxes with little silkworm larva’s just get more and more. Luckily all the eggs have hatched now now he just needs to keep the boxes clean and feed them daily. He spends ours with his silkworms and these are about 3 weeks old. One of these days we will start counting them and then maybe sell them to the pet shop.


I grabbed my  MASSA 1+,2+ and 4+ filters and tried to take some close ups. These little larva’s does not lie still for one second constantly eating and moving.




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