Project 365 Photo a day: 365/123

Let me introduce Lenie.  Lenie is older than me. When I was small, okay not that I am much bigger now, I loved Lenie. So my grandmother also Lenie told me that someday I could have her. Grandmother gave Lenie baths and changed her clothes regularly.

I speak under correction but if I remember correctly my grandfather won Lenie for my grandmother in a lucky draw….  Will come back to you.

When I prepare for my baby photography shoots at my home studio Lenie must play the part of the baby…. The other night my son told me I am to old to play with a doll.

Lenie is not just a doll she reminds me of my Grandmother who always told me to follow my dreams and heart. This must sound a bit silly but for me Lenie is part of my grandmother and with her in my studio my grandmother is also present…

I will from now on show off my new props on Lenie…. I think she loves being in the spotlight…

Lenie in Black & White