Project 365 Photo a day: 365/111

For me this little bear is a reminder of my new life…

Little Big Foot
Little Big Foot in Black & White


In August 2009  I went for a tummy tuck and while in hospital Ronald bought me this little Big foot.  Before the operation I lost 14 kg and went to the gym but my sagging tummy did not go away. Ronald told me that I can go for a tummy tuck and you will never believe what a boost in self confidence I got.

I also started working on my new career as a  photographer.  Once again I have to thank hubby for helping me living my dream…

Every time that I look at Little Big foot I think back to that boost in confidence I got after the operation.  I will never buy clothes in the petite section but at least I don’t need to  buy baggy clothes to hide that sagging tummy.

Little Big Foot is on the dresser that I use as a prop in some photo shoots and sometimes the little ones pick him to feature in their photo shoot….

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