Project 365 Photo a day: 365/96

My photo of the day for 5 July 2012 is a hill and a tree all gone wrong…

Now you are going to ask me how can a hill and tree go wrong. Well one evening I had a dream about a hill and a tree that I took photo of and since then I am searching for my tree on the hill.  Just outside Alpine Heath I saw a hill and a tree that looks similar to the picture in my dream, but the problem is the tree is not on the hill it is next to it…

I told Ronald and my parents about my hill and tree so every time they see a hill and a tree they show it to me and every time I say no it’s not my tree and hill. I have the photo in my mind and I won’t stop looking till I get it.

Hill and tree all gone wrong
Hill and tree in Black & White

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