Project 365 Photo a day: 365/80

What a day. I Got a phone call this morning from Marcellino Martin one of the DJ’s at our local Radio Station Bok Radio. He informed me that he was going to phone me on his show at 13h40. Picture Perfect Memories for Life was chosen for today’s program. I was so excited till the news settled in and I got extremely nervous.

A few weeks back Lino as we all know him said that he want to talk about blogging and that all the bloggers out there must please email their blogs link to him. Well at first I thought about it then decided nope mine will never be chosen but the whole time a little voice asked me Coreen what do you have to loose? So yes I emailed my link to Lino but did not expect to get chosen…

I could not wait to tell Ronald the news and I phoned him immediately. I was very excited and was jumping up and down like a little girl that got a biiiig present.  As I told everybody that was close to me and support my business then reality started to settle in. I am going to talk on radio and I have no idea what to say or what to expect. What if I say something silly? Oh my I was a nervous wreck. But I closed my eyes thanked God for this wonderful opportunity and that He must please help me to say the right things.

I hate it when someone uh or um and my biggest fear was that I am going to  uh or um.  You see I’ll rather express myself here on my blog or on my twitter and Face Book status and of course  through my photo’s. I am not a big talker especially not over the radio where thousands of people will hear me….

When Lino phoned me he told me that he will ask me a few questions after the adverts and I waited for the adverts to finish. LOL I can’t remember a thing about the interview the moment were just to big.  Afterwards I went to my mom and dad who was listening and my first question to them was did I uh or um. They said not even once and that I sounded great and one could hear that photography is my passion. All that I can say is I did it….

So today’s photo of the day is… Yes you guessed correct. A RADIO.

Radio in Black & White


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