Project 365 Photo a day: 365/76

This morning I went with to the Chicken Show in Worcester. Lian’s teacher breeds chickens and he entered some of his and got a few prizes to.

What a task did I have to take photo’s of the hens and roosters. They did not sit still for one second and the cages was so small that I could not even fade out the front to get a nice shot of the chickens. I must say that Hens and Roosters don’t like their front and sides to be photographed. Every single photo I wanted to take of them I either get a head turned away or their backside.  Maybe they think it’s their best side who knows what goes through that little heads.

My 18 – 200mm lens was just a tad to long for that small cages. But under the circumstances  I don’t think I did  to bad. So were I could I tried to get in a whole one but most of the time I just concentrated on head shots.

Here are just two random picked photo’s of today. I will post up the rest when I get time to edit them. I have got allot of work and I am going on holiday in a weeks time. So now I must stop typing and start to edit….

Rooster Black & Withe
Rooster turning his backside to me
This one looked like it’s build for racing…