Project 365 Photo a day: 365/62

Yesterday Marietjie from Brackenfell Primary School phoned me and asked me if I would be able to come and take a video at the Andre Mouton Marathon.  

I first told her I can only take photo’s then I remembered that my my Canon 500D can take video’s only thing is I have no idea how it will come out because this was going to be the first time that I really going to use it as a video camera. Well I had a look at some of the clips and it did not come out to bad. I must just get to know that part of my camera’s better.

As backup I took over 400 photo’s of the pupils and the teachers taking turns to run or walk around the 360m field.

Today my heart was in my throat allot and tears were welling up in my eyes much more than I expected. I’m not close friends with Andre Mouton but my husband and I have been part of Brackenfell Primary School since 1995 and over the years one got to know Andre and whenever he saw you in the hallways he would always greet you with a smile and ask how you are doing… Andre was diagnosed with cancer and he needs R400 000 before his medical aid will cover his treatments…. 

I am going to write a more detailed story on the Andre Mouton Marathon. I need to get my emotions in tact because as I am typing my eyes are getting a bit teary…..

My photo of the day is the 4 runners that ran more than 30km during the day. Jacques Prinsloo a farther and coach at the school ran over 30km. Thomas Uupindi one of the schools workers also ran for Andre Mouton. Then there was Nols Fuchs he mostly ran with Carli but I don’t know anything else about him. Will find out before I write my story. But the star and angel in my eyes are Carli Basson one of the teachers at the school. She ran just over 58 km today around the rugby field. She started at 8 O’Clock this morning till school ended at 2 O’Clock this afternoon. I only got at the school just before 12 O’Clock and then Marietjie told me Carli is suffering from cramps and that they were worried about her.

Carli did not gave up she went on and on and on….. Carli is one determined lady and she never stopped smiling. With only 2 minutes left she was still smiling and showed me thumbs up. Oh dear my heart is too small for stuff like this…

Carli Basson I salute you….

Only 2 minutes to go and suffering from cramps Carli still smiles and shows me thumbs up…
Jacques Prinsloo, Carli Basson, Thomas Uupindi and Nols Fuchs. In Black & White
Jacques Prinsloo, Carli Basson, Thomas Uupindi and Nols Fuchs

2 thoughts on “Project 365 Photo a day: 365/62

  1. COreen
    Jy bly maar ‘n ster. Ons het jou al meer as een keer uit die bloute gebel en jy was nog altyd bereid om foto’s te kom neem – en dit sonder vergoeding, as ‘n liefdessaak.

    Dankie vir al jou liefde en opoffering. Ons is jou baie dank verskuldig. ANdre en Annalene kan die DVD in hul eie rustigheid kyk, want Annalene was gister te emosioneel en ek dink nie sy het als so lekker ingeneem nie. Sy het Andre gebring en hy het vir ‘n tydjie buite in sy bakkie gesit en kyk.

    1. Marietjie,

      Baie dankie. Dit is vir my ‘n baie groot plesier om vir julle van diens te wees. Ek geniet dit ontsettend baie en net die idee dat dit vir ander ook iets kan beteken is vir my genoeg. Ek wens vir Andre en Annalene alle sterkte toe vir die toekoms en hulle is in my gebede.