Project 365 Photo a day: 365/61

I ordered my ring flash about a month ago. First they sent me a email to say that the flash is out of stock and then while we were on the SAPS cycle tour I received an email to say that my package are on it’s way. I was so happy.

The following week I went to my postbox at least 3 times a day to see if my letter from Customs have arrived.  Nothing….

My father and Ronald asked every now and then have I received any word on my flash and every time the answer was no Nothing… Then I got an email on Monday from the supplier to say that due to bad weather there are a delay in the delivery.

Oh well I was telling myself that they did say it can take from 3 to 8 weeks for delivery depending on circumstances.  This morning my father came to me with a slip from the Post Office. My first thought was my flash!  But then the previous two times I ordered something from overseas I had go and collect it at the Customs counter in Epping industrial. I took the slip and after I picked up the boys from school I went straight to the Post Office and when the lady came back to the counter with a big package I wanted to shout out loud my flash…

I got in the car and tweeted immediately. I could not wait to get home to see what was in the package and when I opened it I was a happy lady. My ring flash have finally arrived….

My O – Flash
Checking if it works…
O – Flash in Black & White