Project 365 Photo a day: 365/60

Today’s photo of the day was my husbands idea.

Last night a friend came by with some Buchu stems. Now for those who don’t know what Buchu is here are a simple explination that I  copied from Wikipedia.

“Buchu  is a word of Khoikhoi origin, which may refer to a number of South African plants, fungi or a mineral, that were used in traditional preparations. Most Boegoe plants are typified by a strong aromatic odour due to volatile oils released by glands in the leaves. The name primarily denotes those plant species of which the stems, powdered leaves or volatile oils are employed in herbalism.”

What I can tell you is that it do have a very strong aromatic odour.  If you walk into my kitchen that as all you smell..

Now hubby have some Witblits  and  him and his friend thought it would be cool to make some Buchu Witblits. For now the bottled Buchu still look beautiful but I think a few months from now it will not be so green anymore.  I will make a note in my diary that I take another photo of the Buchu Witblits in three months time just to see if and how the colour changed.

Buchu Witblits in Black & White
Buchu Witblits