Project 365 Photo a day: 365/53

I was busy editing the SAPS Cycle tour photo’s when my Farther came knocking on the studio door.  Ha Ha Tea time went through my mind…

My farther asked me if I am going to join them for tea. I did not give him a chance to ask me twice  I grabbed my camera just in case something catch my eye on the way to their Granny flat.

I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and there I spotted my photo of the day.  While my Farther was still working he got a  Hen and chickens, Chlorophytum comosum as a present. When he retired he brought the plant home.  The only room in their Granny Flat that was perfect for it was the bathroom.  Just look how gorgeous the flowers are looking…

Beauty in the Bathroom
Beauty in the Bathroom. Black & White
Hen and chickens, Chlorophytum comosum. In the Bathroom.
Beautiful Flowers

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