SAPS Cycle Tour 2012 Day1: Project 365 photo a day 365/37

This week I will be incorporating my Project 365 photo a day with the Cycle Tour. I will only be posting one or two photo’s daily next week when I am home I will post some more photo’s with some more detail about what happened on the tour.

The cyclist left Cape Gate Mall around 8:30 this morning. I am traveling in style with Hugo Nieuwoudt.

The cyclist arrived at Melkbos 10:45. Where they received some coffee, tea and sandwiches. After about 45 minutes the cyclist hit the road again to Atlantis.

I went with Hugo to his show at Proteus Secondary School. I also made a stop at Berzelia Primary school were Erica and Hester held a puppet show for the kids.

We caught up with the cyclist when they still had about 15km left. We arrived at Darling Golf clubhouse at around 14:50.

The men and ladies still look good but I think tonight they are going to sleep like logs.

Here are the photo’s for today.

Still looking good

Still looking good