Project 365 Photo a day: 365/30

Wow can you believe it my first month of my project is at his end. Time surely flies when you are having fun.

Well today was a very wet day indeed. It rained outside and in my passage.  Sometime last week our geysers element broke and we did not know it.

On Friday morning I took a shower the water was warm but it did not get warmer and I had no need to open the cold water. Then I remembered about the it on Saturday and by then the water was luke warm  hubby went and look if we had maybe switched off the Geyser but nope. To get out a plumber or electrician over the weekend would be  very expensive.  Hubby phoned uncle Fritz to hear if he could help.

Early this morning uncle Fritz arrived with all his tools. I got him the ladder and he went up into the roof. He tested to see what could be the problem and luckily it was not to expensive to fix. It was only the element of the geyser that broke.

Well no one said this was an in and out job. Poor uncle Fritz was in that roof  nearly the entire day. First he had to empty the geyser. The gadget were the last 60 liters of water is suppose to come out  was blocked ( I have no idea what it’s called).  Uncle Fritz started with the element so long and then I saw water dripping down the wall the gadget started leaking. I gave him old towels to put under the geyser were the leak was and then it happened  because off the water a piece ceiling caved and splash in my passage. Just before this happened I told uncle Fritz that this is not the firs time it leaks and that is why we put the basin there.

After all the water was out after nearly four hours he could remove the old element and put in the new one… That also did not go according to plan the old one was so corroded that when uncle Fritz tried to take it out it broke and he first had to get all the pieces out to put the new one in. Eventually the new one was in and he opened the tap so that the Geyser can fill up with water. HaHa we opened the taps and all that came out was water. Air in the pipes and we had to get the air out before putting the electricity back on so that we can test the element. That took a while but uncle Fritz knows what he is doing. I asked him why must all the air be out of the pipes, he told me that the geyser can blow and then it would be one big mess…

Wait for it this Monday just got better. As uncle Fritz tried to repair the leak the gadget broke off one piece still in the geyser and the other in his hand and the water spraying like mad. He eventually got it under control and we head to the nearest hardware store to get a new gadget.  The Geyser is fixed now and tonight I will have a nice warm shower. Not that I really need more water on my body was soaked enough today…

Here are a photo of the hole in the ceiling and water dripping as uncle Fritz is repairing the gadget.

Our Passage under construction...
Water poring from the ceiling.




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