Project 365 Photo a day: 365/27

This morning when hubbies alarm clock went off I was not a very happy girl. I did not want to wake up at 6 O’Clock on a public holiday I wanted to sleep till at least 9 O’Clock.

Well after hubby left  just before 7 I was wide awake and while I was lying in bed I was thinking, what now?   Do I get out of bed and start my day or do I try to get back to sleep?  So I decided to start my day, took a nice shower and got dressed and then went to the studio to pack my camera and charged batteries in my camera bag. I asked the boys if they are coming with and both said nope it’s to cold they rather stay indoors.

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day I grabbed a dry Weet-Bix and a bottle of water and off I went.  I know some people don’t know what Weet- Bix is so just a little useless information it’s porridge made out of wheat and looks like a little brick. One of these days I will show you how it looks. I hate milk over some of my  porridge so I eat  them dry. I’ll rather drink a glass of milk afterwards.

I went to my spot on the Bottelary road to photograph some cyclist. Yes I still need to get my settings right and practice some more. If I do something I want it to be perfect.

The previous week my eye caught this chair hanging  so on my way to the Bottelary road I decided that I am going to make this hanging chair my photo of the day. When I got to it I saw it was and old Riempie Chair, Painted light blue and a enamel porridge  bowl was attached to the back of the chair. I don’t think anyone will have any problem finding the farmers farm with this unique landmark…

Blue Riempies Chair in the air...
Riempies Chair in Black & White

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