Project 365 Photo a day 365/22

Today was Earth day and since this morning I was playing with ideas in my head what to photograph.

Ideas that came up was  how we save water  in the Kuhn household and I even thought of photographing an energy saving light bulb, but non of these two really tickled my fancy…

So after staring out of the window for a while I took my camera and went outside. I walked around in my garden looking for something that catch my eye. Only then did I realized  that my garden is busy getting out of hand and that  the trees need some pruning, I don’t think now is the right time to do so…  I was so busy with my photography the past year that I never worked in my garden and that need to change right now. In the past I could spend hours in my garden and now I after neglecting it for a year it’s totally out of control.

My mom gave me a branch of a Frangipani  from their old house when they moved here. I planted it and took great care of it until last year that is…  I wondered if the Frangipani is still alive and just as I moved some of the Bottlebrush tree’branches something caught my eye…

Between the branches of the Bottle brush and the Spekboom I saw two  white and yellow flowers. Oh my word  it was my Frangipani it bloomed in the one spot were it got some sunlight… Then I decided this will be my photo of the day.

Frangipani through the branches of the Spekboom.
Frangipani Black & White

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